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Amanda & Tracey McPherson

C-Me Working Australian Shepherds is located in central Iowa about 25 miles west of Iowa City on a small acreage, affectionately known as Willowcreek Farm.  We are owned and operated by myself (Tracey McPherson), my mother (Patty Anderson), and with manual assistance from my brother.  

C-Me is a kennel made up of primarily working lines, ie: Slash V, Chickasaw, Hangin’ Tree, and Vest.  We have an occasional litter.  We are breeding for soundness, stability, a natural strong herding ability and biddability.  All puppies are born and raised in the house, handled by children and adults with lots of love and TLC.  All normal health guarantees on eyes, hips and genetic defects apply.

I got started in herding about 10 years ago by hanging out with my mom.  She had/has Aussies.  I would go to clinics with her to watch the different breeds, talk with people, and ask questions.  I did a fair amount of research to see what was right for me.  At this time I had a Newfoundland that I did Search and Rescue and agility with.   

We went to “watch” a Bob Vest clinic.  My dog was so in tune with the sheep that a short time later we ended up in a round pen with a half dozen sheep.  Taz had a VERY strong gather and grouping instinct.  She was a silent worker.   Now, bit by the herding bug, the search was on for a “real” working dog. 

My mother went to a trial in Nebraska where she saw these furry little pups.  She came home and told me about them.  We gave Norm Andrews a call, the next weekend we made the 6 hour drive to his home.  I came back with a dark red merle pup that I named C-Me Amanda’s Purdy Red Murial (Red) and mom came home with a blue pup she named  C-Me Alyssa’s Peek-A-Blue (Blue), who is now owned by Bekka Borg. 

And then there's our "snow dawg" Raz...

our adorable Pug!

Come visit often.  The pages and pictures will be updated regularly.  Thanks!! 

Tracey and the Gang


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