C-Me Ima Cricket

MDR1 n/n, HC n/clear, DM n/clear, and CMR1 n/clear

Slash V Skipa Star STDs DNA-CP



DOB April 2, 2009

Call Name "Cricket"

Cricket is taking a break from a hard day of herding and socializing with the other stock dogs that was here. A BC pup thought they was tougher than her, she doesn't believe so and was going to show that pup just who was boss. Had Cricket on the sheep again. She is just a riot to work with. The first time was an accident, we was walking through the pen (100 x 100), the sheep were in the far corner laying down...I thought Cricket would be safe just dragging the line...I didn't think she knew they was there. Well she did and as soon as she realized I didn't have a hold of the line off she went like a rocket. Got the sheep out of the corner and running towards me before I had time to walk half way across the pen. She was very upset when I said that"ll do and made her walk out with me. She did have an official turn on sheep. She does a really nice job at taking them off the fence. She even held them in the middle so I could get my barrings. :-) She is going to be a very nice girl when she matures.

My little Cricket....she like her Grandma Ebbie is a very mature pup. She plays but not like the others. Sometimes it seems as that is beneath her. She is more content to do her own thing and not hang with the other puppies so much.

Aug 21 09

She is 5 months old now. Hard to believe how fast time flies. She is such a good puppy. Loves to have her picture taken too. She is doing well on her stock time...not a lot of training yet, mainly controlled fun. She is "my" dog. A shadow to me when in the house, just like the big dogs. I really like her. She is Ebony in a blue suit.

 Sept 29 '09
No photo shoot is complete without the little Cricket. She seems to have gotten the best of Skip and Ivy, very nice personality, very driven, wants to work, wants to please, nice off switch. Very calm in the house. A happy dog. I really do like this little girl. 

October 6 '09

Sept 29 /Oct 1 2010

October 2013

November 2013
Photographs by Brandy Dirksen


Slash V Skipa Star STDs DNA-CP WTCH Diamond S Sam PATDs WTCH Hangin' Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs HOF SIRE Hangin' Tree Spook WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
Hangin' Tree Roja WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
HOF Slash V Cherry Cola
C Hangin' 5 Midnight Tazz STDcsd HOF WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear Hangin' Tree Buddy RDX
Zephyrs Angel Blue
PetersRanch Razzberry Hangin' Tree Huckleberry
Hangin' Tree Black Trouble
Slash V Key To Success RD STDc WTCH Judd's Chickasaw Dan House's Big Blue Thurman Pearman's Cocoa Blue
Thomas Maybelline
House's Misty Blue Robin Mini Acre Reddog Jack
Dakota Blue Comanche's Misty
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet WTCH Slash V Spirit of Aggieland RD CH Slash V Little Rock CD
Slash V Semi Sweet OTDcd STDs
Slash V Paper Doll CH Silverledge Slide Me Five STDc
Slash V Semi Sweet OTDcd STDs
C-Me Ebony Not Ivory DNA-VP  OTDcsd RTDs Rising Suns Qwick Draw WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
Hangin' Tree Roja WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
WTCH Pincie Creek Cherry Sota RTDc DNA-CP WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD PATDcs RD RTDcs WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP
Hangin' Tree Cinnamon Teal STDc OTDds
Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek STDcds Hangin' Tree Partner STDcds
Slash V Cherry Cola
HTCH WTCH Rocking Z C-Me Ebony's Cross DNA-VP RTDcs, HTD2sgd HTD3c HTAD3sg HRD3sg NT Connected Howdy Rocking Z DNA-CP Diamond S Just Do It NT OTDc ATDds DNA-CP WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
45 Ranch Blackberry Brandy
Peters Ranch Pepper Annie STDcds WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP
Hangin Tree Working Babe STDs RD DNA-CP
Centerfolds Lovey Dovey DNA-CP Hollands Diamond In the Ruff Hollands Little Korker
Hollands Amanda Lynn
Centerfolds Elle Mae Hollands Diamond In the Dust
Centerfolds Lonnie In Lace
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