Rocking Z C-Me Ebony's Cross
HTD2sgd, HTD3c,HTAD3sg, HRD3sgc

Call Name "Ebony"
 Feb 12, 2001.....July 21, 2012
OFA good, eyes cleared annually
July 21, 2012
This morning I said goodbye
to my 2nd Aussie.  At 6:48am Ebbie died in my arms.  Not sure what
happened.  Vet is doing an autopsy so I know as she has been great.
I am still numb, yet my heart hurts so bad.

Ebony has been my dream dog and who I am trying to reproduce with my
breeding program.  In my eyes she is perfect.  She is biddable,
strong, high drive on stock, wonderful off switch.  My protector, my
soul mate, always in sync with me.  We are tighter linked than any
other dog.  I have no words to describe how much this girl has meant
to me, how big of a part of my life she has been the last 11
years....how she has saved me from a pissed momma cow, from an ornery
ram, from a drunk guy in a dark parking lot.  How she kept me going
when things were so bad last year.  How she has given me hope, filled
my heart with joy and has loved me unconditionally even when I didn't
think I deserved it.  I love you Ebony.......

Random Pictures of Ebony

July 7, 2012

At the last moment I decided to enter Ebony in the breed
ring at the
That'll Do ASC trial in Iowa.  Friday, we won our class
 but that was it....Saturday AM-we got
second.  Ebbie was bored and didn't want to be there.
Saturday PM, I
let her work the cattle instead of keeping her "clean".  She was very
happy and it showed in the breed ring.  We won our class and got to go
back...Won Winners Bitch and got to go back...and then we won Best Of
Breed AND Best of Winners!  Who knew conformation could be exciting!!

SR Breeder
Judge Sharon Rowe
 pic was taken by Kalla Jaco

by Brandy Dirksen

by Brandy Dirksen

Rachel Ritland.

Nov 28, 2010
I sure love this dog.....
Pretty funny....She spotted the cat
and just stared at her.  Looks liked
 she treed her but the cat
 was sunning himself.

October 2006 -

Ebbie is now  HTCH WTCH Rocking Z C-Me Ebony's Cross RTDcs, DNA-VP, HTD2sgd, HTD3c,HTAD3sg, HRD3sg!  Plus we got a leg in HTAD3c.  I was a happy camper!  Most of the scores were between 85-93 (out of 100).  I was a very excited mama.  :-)  I wanted to get her HTCH before she was bred and did and it only took 3 weekends to get our 10 points.  Actually I got 12 so I am very happy.  It sure feels good.  Ebony is my second WTCH and first HTCH. 
Ebony at play...with Carmen....
...and gathering up babies
 to bring in the barn.
She loves working the babies...
....well she just loves to work.

#5 ATDs
#9 ATDd
ASCA Merit Program

Ebony came to us from Zane and Marshall Davis, owners of Rocking Z Cattle and Stockdogs-in Winnemucca, NV.  My daughter and I made the 44 hour round trip in 3 days.  Even with getting stuck in a blizzard above Salt Lake City, UT.  It was quite the ride. 

Well, our year has been pretty eventful.  We didn't do a lot of trialing but boy did we do some training.  We did a one days worth of trialing in WI and showed nicely.  In Open class we received a 114 on sheep, a 99 on cattle both first places, and a 96 on ducks.  Made me think that we may just be ready Nationals. 

 Nationals---what can I say.  It was our first time ever at a National event.  The pre-trial was great fun.  We qualified in sheep and ducks with a 4th in ducks, cattle---we tried really hard.  The trial, now that was good.  We qualified in all class of stock.  Plus (BONUS) we received 2ndplace in cattle.  After watching all the Finals runs and the pre-trial, regular trial - anyone who qualified deserved a pat on the back for a job well done. 

 Ebony-- goal--well to WTCH her by 6/1/04 so we can, hopefully, be invited to finals in GA in 05.  We need to train some more on distance and drive to accomplish that so we are praying for a semi-mild winter.  Also, we are working at the open field cross drive for the next levels of the AHBA trials. 

 I still have the goal to do some AKC with her but it isnt a priority.  Amanda has shown her in the breed ring a couple times and she has taken her class but she gets to looking really bored if she does it very much.  Amanda would still like to get her Championship on her if we can keep her happy long enough in the breed ring.  

Calves June 09

Nov 09

Ebony will be 9yrs old in Feb

Oct 1, 2010

HTCH WTCH Rocking Z C-Me Ebony's Cross DNA-VP RTDcs, HTD2sgd HTD3c HTAD3sgc HRD3sg
Black W
E118430 DL86739602

NT Connected Howdy Rocking Z DNA-CP
Black C/W RF
Diamond S Just Do It NT OTDc ATDds DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W
WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP
Hangin' Tree Roja
45 Ranch Blackberry Brandy WTCH The Bull of Twin Oaks CD RTDcs RDX DNA-VP
Twin Oaks Fredrica STDcds
Peters Ranch Pepper Annie STDcds
WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP Hangin' Tree Buddy
Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX
Hangin Tree Working Babe STDs RD DNA-CP WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
Centerfolds Lovey Dovey DNA-CP
Blue W
Hollands Diamond in the Ruff
Blue RF
Hollands Little Korker Ch Las Rocosa Shiloh
Hollands Lady Bug
Hollands Amanda Lynn Las Rocosa Sydney
Single Hand Fancy
Centerfolds Elle Mae
Hollands Diamond in the Dust Hollands Little Korker
Hollands Amanda Lynn
Centerfolds Lonnie in Lace Gatrell Crack the Whip
Donalds Candace

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