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These dogs are owned by Tracey and Amanda=contact them for info

HTCH WTCH C-Me Ebony Not Ivory DNA-VP
HRD2s HTAD3gs  HTD2s HTD3d

Call name "Ivy"
DOB May-30-2005

C-Me Lolapalooza

Call name "Lola"
DOB Apr-10-2009

C-Me Flash A Spade

Call name "Flash"
DOB Jun-19-2010

C-Me On Independence Day

Call name "Indie"
DOB July-4-2014

Slash V Sunshine and Whiskey

Call name "Key"
DOB Nov-13-2015

C-Me Oh Black Betty Bam-a-Lam

Call name "Ebony"
DOB May-5-2016

C-Me Jaxons Pretty Penny 4 Ewe

Call name "Penny"
DOB May-5-2016

C-Me Play That Funky Music
Castiel on Supernatural

Call name "Cas"
DOB January 17, 2017

C-Me I Can't Drive 55

Call name "Sam"
DOB January 17, 2017

C-Me Hitting Pay Dirt

Call name "Dirt"

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