Litter arrived November 8, 2007 

HTCH WTCH Rocking Z C-Me Ebony's Cross DNA-VP RTDcs,
 HTD2sgd HTD3c HTAD3sg HRD3sg

WTCH Diamond S Doc Tom  DNA-CP

Ebbie had a litter of beautiful boys!  All arrived safe & sound and are doing very well.
These pups have the bloodlines to be everything their ancestors are, good working dogs!

Puppy #1 ~ Black Bi
Here are a couple pics of Loch with his temporary attire. He has a water proof boot (duck taped) to the bottom od the cast to keep it dry. It doesn't seem to bother him nor slow him down any. He can't play with the rest of the pups like he wants to so he is just waiting his turn. I am sure in 8 wks he will be more than ready to take on the world. He thinks he can now!! He goes up stairs just as fast as he ever has...down he is slower...he doesn't want to roll down them I am sure.  He has figured out that if he sits in front of me and whines I will pick him up and hold him. He likes that...I have a feeling I am starting a BAD habit.<grin>

Puppy #2 Blue Merle
Mr. Personality himself. :-) He is going to be a fun dog when he grows up. Now he is just funny. Still the largest of all the boys. His registered name sure fits him.

TK is staying here at C-Me! Click here to see his page

Puppy #3 ~ Blue Merle
I  told Diamond that I wanted something besides him chewing on my pants, or my shoes, or my shirt sleves...he said ok and went to sleep. >sigh< Not what I had in mind but he was cute are curled up.
He is the most reserved of the litter. Lissy calls him the "shy one". With me, he isn't but we spend much more time together. He is constantly picking on me when I am in there with them.

Puppy #4 ~ Blue Merle
No longer "Lil Blue" cus he is a big boy now. And dang if he is not just so full of himself. He will be leaving next week for ID-weather permiting. He is a real nice boy. But, has been banned from the barn cus he fits where the others don't and try's to help with the sheep...which I don't need....One or both of us could get hurt and we don't need that! He is also the "water dog" (sorry Randy!) of the bunch. There is always one in each litter that I have. Blue loves to play in water. If you don't secure the bucket to the side of the x-pen he plays in it which in turn dumps it. Then he gets that innocent "who me?" look. He also has the coolest eyes. I am not a fan of blue eyes but his left blue eye is one color. His right eye is a real dark blue on top and a lighter blue on the bottom. Really neat looking. Looks almost like a shadow on top. It will be interesting to see if it stays that way.

Blue has tons of personality. Very independant. Holds his own with the big dogs-and the sheep. Would love to go after the calf but that is off limits for some time yet. He has turned out to be very striking. I am impressed. I knew he was cute....but there is just something about him that makes you go "wow" when you see him in person. The pics really don't do him justice.

Puppy #5 ~ Black Tri
Here is the last boy. I called him Ebenholz, which is German for Ebony. He reminds me the most of Ebbie in looks. He has turned out to be a black tri -vs- a black bi. Last but not surprise boy. He is the only one with copper. I originally named him after his mom and Now he doesn't remind me of her at all. He looks sweet but his nick name is "Devil Dog"...'cus looks are deceiving.

Update 24 December...we are now "Herkey". Alisa is getting him so he will have a nice working JR home. They are bonding nicely. He comes down here for food and sleeps up there. Well at least that is the plan!

You will think you have him distracted with a different toy and he still comes back to bite whatever was on his mind. He has a very long attention span for a 5 wk old puppy. I am used to them being seconds...maybe a minute or two. His is closer to 5 minutes. He doesn't distract very easy.

Diamond S Doc Tom RTDcs DNA-CP
WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX WTCH Hangin' Trees Red Zephyr RDX
Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola Black Powder Toby STDc ATDds
Slash V Paper Doll
Hangin' Tree Roja WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX WTCH Hangin' Trees Red Zephyr RDX
Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola Black Powder Toby STDc ATDds
Slash V Paper Doll
Hangin Tree Angel @Petersranch Hangin Tree Huckleberry WTCH Hangin' Trees Red Zephyr RDX WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDX
Las Rocosa Chalcedony
Hangin' Tree Blue Lady WTCH Hangin' Trees Red Zephyr RDX
Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX
Hangin' Tree Cricket STDcds Hangin' Tree Buddy Ericssons Vaquero
Ericssons Cowgirl
Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX WTCH Las Rocosa Merlin Hart CD RDX ATDh
Zephyrs Midnight Blue
Rocking Z
 C-Me Ebony's Cross DNA-VP RTDcs, HTD2sgd HTD3c HTAD3sg HRD3sg

Black W
E118430 DL86739602
NT Connected Howdy Rocking Z DNA-CP
Black C/W RF
Diamond S Just Do It NT OTDc ATDds DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W
WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP
Hangin' Tree Roja
45 Ranch Blackberry Brandy WTCH The Bull of Twin Oaks CD RTDcs RDX DNA-VP
Twin Oaks Fredrica STDcds
Peters Ranch Pepper Annie STDcds
WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP Hangin' Tree Buddy
Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX
Hangin Tree Working Babe STDs RD DNA-CP WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
Centerfolds Lovey Dovey DNA-CP
Blue W
Hollands Diamond in the Ruff Blue RF Hollands Little Korker Ch Las Rocosa Shiloh
Hollands Lady Bug
Hollands Amanda Lynn Las Rocosa Sydney
Single Hand Fancy
Centerfolds Elle Mae
Hollands Diamond in the Dust Hollands Little Korker
Hollands Amanda Lynn
Centerfolds Lonnie in Lace Gatrell Crack the Whip
Donalds Candace


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